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A. F. Eshmade & Associates was incorporated in Manitoba in 1972. Prior to forming the company Mr. Eshmade was a department head with a Canadian multi-disciplined consulting group doing work throughout Canada and the North. Mr. Eshmade's early experience and training was in the U.K. where he still maintains business contacts and is involved with various "technology exchanges", particularly with respect to glulam and wood repairs. The company is registered with the Engineering Associations from Ontario west, including the Yukon, N.W.T. and Nunavut and undertakes work in these areas as the opportunity arises.



With 50 years experience in the profession both Mr. Eshmade and the Company have tackled a wide variety of projects ranging from single family housing to multi-million dollar industrial and commercial projects. As well, the company undertakes work for insurance companies, litigation and numerous different types of inspection services for buildings and structures. While the company is identified as a firm of Structural Consultants, the expertise and work extends into other areas and specialist fields. In recent years considerable work has been done in the investigation of "Building Envelope" failures and subsequent remediation. The company has a significant interest in Heritage Buildings and has won awards for work in that field. For a number of years the company has acted as Prime Consultant for many of our projects and retains and maintains professional associations with other disciplines in order to provide a total "Consulting Package" with specialist expertise as needed for each project.



School Boards

  • Roof System Replacements, glulam beam repairs
  • Building Envelope Upgrading
  • School Additions, Portables

Federal Government Departments including National Defence, Parks Canada
General Building Alterations and Handicap Upgrading

  • Building Envelope Retrofits
  • Heritage Building Restoration of Churches, Monasteries, Forts, etc.

Provincial Government Departments

  • Northern Community Facilities
  • Parks Structures, Recreation Facilities Design
  • Airport Facilities

Municipal Authorities

  • Heritage Building Assessments
  • Recreation Facilities, Design and Additions
  • Town Halls, Fire Halls, Community Halls, etc.

Regional Hospital Boards

  • Complete Exterior Building Envelope Retrofit, Re-roofing Projects
  • Building Assessments


  • Fire Loss Reconstruction
  • Church and Church Hall Additions
  • Structural Assessments and Upgrading

Housing Authorities

  • Building Envelope Retrofits
  • Studies
  • Additions and New Construction

Insurance Companies, Independent Adjusters, & Legal Firms

  • Investigation of Fire, Flood, Windstorm, Flooding and other losses
  • Blast Damage Investigation
  • Liability Claims and Property Damage Claims
  • Construction Disputes



During the past three years A. F. Eshmade & Associates have been working with a resin manufacturer in the U. K. to achieve a "transfer of technology" in the area of wood repair systems. As well as grouting of cracks and separations in the same manner as before, a new technique involving the internal reinforcement of damaged members with a new generation of custom designed resins and fibreglass rods as the reinforcement. This process allows the retention of the original building appearance with almost no sign of the repair to any but the informed observer. As well, the repairs can be executed to beams which might otherwise be inaccessible due to mechanical systems, or where suspended ceilings or other obstructions pose a problem. This method of repair is considerably less intrusive to the functions within the building, especially where a school is involved.
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